Rules and policies

Commenting policies

  • I use the Disqus commenting system, which gives me the ability to control spam and trolling. For now, all commenters are welcome and I don't require registration. Comments are moderated on new posts, so please be patient. Once I know you, I can pre-approve your comments. I reserve the right to edit or delete comments of an extremely abusive or offensive nature. This was never a problem in the past.
  • Anonymous commenting is allowed, but it's not what I prefer.
  • Wildly off-topic comments or threads will be deleted after a clear and public warning from me. Trolling (defined as repeated off-topic commenting that is uninteresting, repetitive, or worthless in other ways) will result in a public warning followed by deletion of subsequent trolling comments by the commenter. Samples of the deleted comments will be displayed in the Troll Dungeon for the education of all.
  • After one month, commenting is closed. (Most comments on old posts are spam.) If you have something important to say about an old post, email me or leave a comment on a newer one and we'll see if it's worth taking up.
  • I don't respond to all comments. Take it as a compliment if I do respond to you, even if I tell you that you don't know what you're talking about.
  • I reserve the right to intervene in any thread, but will publicly explain and provide ample warning before deleting comments or closing threads.
  • In summary, comments are welcome and are not censored. Strong disagreement is strongly encouraged.
Manners and expectations
  • Honest disagreement is always respected here. Honest questions will be given honest answers. Obnoxious questions will usually be ignored.
  • I will respect people, and expect comments to do the same. Ideas do not get the same respect.
  • Dishonesty, in all its forms, will be directly criticized here. Such misconduct includes but is not limited to: quote-mining, cherry-picking, redirection and/or the use of red herrings, and of course outright lying.
  • Religious and political ideas are welcome. Proselytizing, selling, and campaigning are not.
  • I reserve the right to quote any comment in full or in part, in public on the blog or elsewhere, even if you have deleted it or tried to delete it.
  • This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Please read the license before using my work for your own purposes.