About Stephen and the blog (UPDATED 2016)

About Stephen Matheson

About Quintessence of Dust

Quintessence of Dust is on a long-term hiatus, but I haven't closed it down just yet and plan to begin writing again soon. In addition, I have some new writing projects in various stages of planning, in collaboration with some old friends. The description below applies to the blog as I created it in 2007. When I re-launch, some things will be different, most notably the emphasis on evangelical Christian faith.

Quintessence of Dust explores issues of science and Christian faith, focusing on genetics, development, evolution, neuroscience, and related topics, regularly discussing intelligent design, creationism, and other scientific issues that worry evangelical Christians. My main theme is scientific explanation.

In regular posts ("Journal Clubs"), I discuss a recent article in the scientific literature. Additional topics: theology, philosophy, baseball and Shakespeare. For basics on my perspectives, see my post on 
 common descent and explanation. My very first post has a little more detail about the blog, and my second one explains the name.

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