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About Quintessence of Dust

Quintessence of Dust went on hiatus in late 2011, and restarted at the beginning of 2017. The description below applies to the blog as I created it in 2007. It's not that different now, except for the intentional focus on evangelical Christianity.

Quintessence of Dust explores issues of science and Christian faith, focusing on genetics, development, evolution, neuroscience, and related topics, regularly discussing intelligent design, creationism, and other scientific issues that worry evangelical Christians. My main theme is scientific explanation.

In regular posts ("Journal Clubs"), I discuss a recent article in the scientific literature. Additional topics: theology, philosophy, baseball and Shakespeare. For basics on my perspectives, see my post on 
 common descent and explanation. My very first post has a little more detail about the blog, and my second one explains the name.

Please review my Rules and policies before posting a comment. Note that comments are closed after a month. If you would like to get in touch with me, visit the About page for contact details, including an anonymous comment form that works all the time.

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