03 August 2007

Kicking off my blog

Well, it's August 3, 2007, and I'm setting up my blog. It's called Quintessence of Dust, and it will deal with issues of science and Christian faith, focusing on genetics, development, evolution, neuroscience and topics related. I'll regularly address intelligent design and creationism, among other scientific issues that attract the attention of evangelical Christians. My main theme will be scientific explanation.

Most typically, I will base my comments on a very recent article in the scientific literature. I'm shooting for one of these article-based commentaries ("Journal clubs") per week. Minor entries will be interspersed as I feel inspired.

I anticipate errors and correction, and I'll post corrections prominently.

Theology, philosophy and Shakespeare will also figure semi-prominently. I don't really care about politics, so it won't often contaminate the blog unless and until a politician speaks on a topic of interest. (And, of course, they often do.) Boston Red Sox baseball will always trump politics.

So, here's Hamlet getting the first big quote (ripped unceremoniously out of context):

"...there is something in this more than natural, if philosophy could find it out."
--Hamlet, Act II, Scene II

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