24 February 2008

What I would do with a time machine

I'd go here. I'm sure I could trade my time machine for a ticket.

The city's a flood
And our love turns to rust
We're beaten and blown by the wind
Trampled in dust

I'll show you a place
Where there's no sorrow and there's no shame
Where the streets have no name.
Sometimes these guys make me cry. It's all I can do.


Bob K said...

Can I go along? I saw the Vertigo tour and it was amazing - I'd love to go back and see the the Elevation tour!

Kevin Corcoran said...

I'll go there with you....it's all I can do.

trog69 said...

Ahhh, 'tis a sad sad shame; Here I am, a fellow Irishman with nary a bit of poetry in my heart. Sorry, these guys don't do anything for me. :~(

Stephen Matheson said...

Bob & Kevin--
Just bring snacks and sleeping bags. Trog--
Bummer! Flogging Molly?