07 December 2009


So there hasn't been a post on Quintessence of Dust in three months. Here are some reasons for this.
  1. We're in the midst of a distracting crisis at Calvin College right now. I won't talk about it here, but it's very serious and has already affected my relationship with the college.
  2. I recently completed a major writing project, a book that I coauthored with a colleague at Calvin. Not much else to say about that at this point.
  3. I've coauthored two recent review articles with my colleagues at the Van Andel Institute, and we have significantly expanded the scope of our collaboration, with a major new grant proposal in the works.
During this hiatus, I enjoyed a wonderful attack (and a flatulent followup) by a poorly-equipped ID demagogue, Cornelius Hunter. God bless him: he said I'm "the best of the worst." There's not much there, so I'll ignore his criticism and work instead on completing two interrupted series, one on deep homology & design and one on Richard Dawkins' biomorph program. Then we'll get back to regular forays into the current literature, and we'll focus on "junk DNA" a bit more. Biomorphs are next. See you soon.


Agnosis00 said...

Welcome back!!

Al said...

The ID guys, Hunter included, appear to have now moved on to 'junk RNA' - http://darwins-god.blogspot.com/2009/12/headline-no-such-thing-as-junk-rna.html . Nick Matzke pointed out on Panda's Thumb recently that the main premis of Hunter's blog is that all arguments for evolution are 'theological', as they are arguments about how God would not have done it. An interesting and novel angle for anti-evolution organisations.

John Farrell said...

Glad you're back, Steve!

Stephen Matheson said...

Al, funny thing. I agree with Hunter. We mustn't assume that we know what God would do or how (at least not without a really good reason, e.g. a specific bit of revelation). This means that it's silly for a Christian to whine about evolution (its wastefulness or randomness or cruelty) since, of course, such objections presume to know what God would and wouldn't do when creating.

Anonymous said...

you are so full of yourself Steve. Exalt the Prince of Peace, not yourself.

M said...

1. Sorry to see Calvin go down that path.
2. Good luck on the book.
3. Congrats on the review papers, and best of luck with the grant.